NESA Utility Extension Project

Collier County’s NESA project is working to construct portions of infrastructure designed in 2010, pipelines to new development areas, and interim treatment facilities. This infrastructure will provide services to new communities east of the existing service area. Work began in summer 2019 to construct an interim wastewater treatment plant, potable water and irrigation quality water storage tanks and associated pipelines. The pipelines that are being installed along Everglades Boulevard are potable water, irrigation quality (IQ) water, and wastewater transmission lines. Golden Gate Estates residents located within the project area are not required to connect to the new lines.

This project has been designed and constructed in phases.

Segment 1- complete

Segment 2- complete

Segment 3 is located on the Northeast Utility Facilities property. Crews have installed force main, irrigation quality lines, and watermain in segment 3A. Crews will continue work on segment 3B through the duration of the project. After construction is complete, a landscape buffer will be installed.

Segment 4- complete

Segment 5A- will begin construction in August 2022

Segment 5B- will begin construction in August 2022

Please click on one of the six segment areas shown below the map for more information.

Seg 4 thumbnail 2